We ensure quality inputs to the students by striking the right balance between individual want and affordability. Our focus on only the right professional guidance for students has resulted in several satisfied students worldwide and increasing recognition in Kerala.

We assist students from the day they enter the office to the day they graduate overseas.

We DO NOT charge the students for any services we render and do not have any hidden costs like application charges or VISA counseling fees.

We are often invited by leading educational institutions and colleges to conduct seminars on overseas education. Having made our mark in this field, we ensure that we represent only reputed Universities abroad.

Today, with plenty of financial assistance available to students from various banks, the prospect of an international education is within the grasp of every student.

More and more students aspire to do their education abroad, as they have realized that it is not as expensive to fulfill their dream of getting an overseas qualification, as it was thought to be. Proper counseling would definitely benefit the students not just in making the right choice but leading better and richer lives.

With almost 100 % VISA success rate, we are proud to say that all the students who had applied through us are now in UK- studying and working. You could be one of them, contact us now.

Details about the following countries at a glance

  1. UK
    Studying in the UK is often cheaper than in other countries due to the fact that the masters course generally are of 12 months duration as compared to 2 years in other countries and the bachelors programmes are normally of 3 years duration as compared to 4 years in other countries.Since the duration of the courses is shorter the living expenses also tend to be lower in comparison. The students can enter the employment market sooner than their peers in other countries.
  2. Australia
    The cost of living and studying in Australia is considerably less for international students than in the USA and the UK.
  3. Ireland
    Ireland has a strong link to North America and is also part of the European Union. Ireland has one of the youngest populations in the world with the average age of the population being 35.6 years.It is an English speaking country and has short duration Masters degrees, usually 1 year in duration.
  4. New Zealand
    New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world. This indicates that the public service here is trustworthy and the students can be rest assured about their safety.
    The educational institutes are divided into Universities, Institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITP’s) and Private Training Establishments (PTE’S). These qualifications are recognized all across the world.
  5. Dubai
    The Dubai international Academic city (DIAC) is a regional base for premier institutions, providing world class facilities to its students. It also provides on-campus accommodation with all the modern conveniences including broadband internet connection. It is a short drive from the Dubai business centre and its entertainment districts.The current labour laws of UAE do not permit students to work part time. However, if post graduate students who secure full time work can change from a student visa to an employer sponsored visa.
  6. Singapore
    Studying in Singapore will give you access to a world class education with a lower living expenses and tuition fee. Besides being closer to home, student visa to Singapore is a hassle free and is a simpler process.
    There are three local universities in Singapore. One of the Universities which we represent is Nanyang Technical University.
  7. Thailand
  8. Malaysia
  9. Mauritius
  10. Malta