1. What are the salient features of universities accreditated by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education?

The Universities offer a variety of specialist programs in its three faculties – Business & Management, Finance & Accounting, and Computer Science & Engineering, which are directly linked to the human resource needs of the UAE.
The faculty is a mix of locally and internationally recruited academics with extensive teaching, business and industry experience.
For eg: UOWD( University of Wollongong) is a university accreditated by UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. . In addition, the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) includes UOWD in its audits of UOW.

2. How do I get to Dubai?

Emirates Airlines is the local airline of Dubai, providing affordable flights from many destinations worldwide. Dubai international airport is well connected to downtown Dubai by taxi, buses and metro.

3. What kind of job can I get with my postgraduate degree?

Some of the jobs in demand at present cover engineering, mining, oiling, health care, construction and architecture. including other benefits like traveling allowance and transportation.

4. How easy is it to find a full time job in Dubai?

The job market is quite competitive.Its takes a few month searching in order to secure a quality full time, reasonably paid job.

5. What kind of salary can I expect?

Salaries in Dubai range enormously depending on the particular company and the field of work. The range for fresh graduates can be anything from about AED 3,500 per month up to about AED 5,000 or AED 6000. For people with a few years relevant experience and for managerial positions the range is anything from AED 6000 to AED 15,000 and upwards. Again it depends on the company, your experience and area of expertise.

6. What help does the university give students to find a job?

Part time and full time jobs and internships for students and postgraduates with local and multinational companies in Dubai are all regularly advertised to through an online job vacancies database and the careers noticeboards.
Job Search:

7. What opportunities are there to take up work experience or internships during my studies?

The university works with local companies to arrange a number of internship placements for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. These are competitive internships and selection is through interview at the company providing the internship.

8. Can I work on a student visa?

Currently, UAE labour law does not allow students on university sponsored visas to do any sort of paid work. These students may take up unpaid internships but must obtain permission from the university before starting the internship. Post graduate students who secure full time work must change from the university sponsored visa to an employer sponsored visa. Employer sponsored visas are generally not available for part time work.

9. How is the availability of the conveyance, shopping and food?

A minimum charge of AED 2/- for public transport to travel anywhere in Dubai. Taxis charge you a fixed pick up rate and kilometer charge. Dubai is a shopping city the expense depends upon your style of living – your taste in shopping, food and entertainments. You can bargain with most of the street vendors, the discount fares come with less rate and good shopping experience.

10.Will Accommodation be arranged for us?

Yes. University accommodation will be arranged for the students before their departure from here.You can either choose to stay in the university campus or can opt to stay in a private apartment on a single/sharing basis

11. Can I attend the course even I do not speak Arabic?

Yes.The medium of all the programs is in English. With lectures and cultural introductions given in English.

12. Can we get scholarship/Funding/Bursary?

Yes.Scholarships based on outstanding academic excellence, sports achievements and academic excellence for children of alumini and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Pioneers Scholarship Program are available.

13. How do we have to apply for VISA?

UOWD provides visa sponsorship for prospective international students. Students are required to pay AED 6,000 of which AED 2,500 is a refundable deposit. This fee covers UOWD visa sponsorship and health insurance.A student visa is transferable visa; it can easily transfer to employment. Some University allows students to start work only after first semester.

14. What is the duration for which the Visa would be valid?

The visa is normally valid for a period of 12 months and require renewal should the program of study exceed this length of time. For programs offered over a shorter period, the University may be able to apply for short-term (30 days) or long-term (90 days) visas for students.

15. What are the requirements for Dubai student VISA?

  • Clear Passport copy (with 6 months validity)
  • 5 passport size photos
  • Receipt for visa and tuition fees
  • Copy of current visa (if you are inside the UAE)
  • Copy of offer of admission letter (UNCONDITIONAL OFFER LETTER)

Students are required to pay the visa cost, as per the visa application, of which up to AED 2,500 is a refundable deposit. This fee covers visa sponsorship and health insurance.

16. List of documents required from the students to apply to the universities:-Photocopies ONLY

  • Academic Documents(10th Onwards)
  • Resume/Biodata
  • Reference letters-2
  • Work experience certificate(if applicable)

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